Japanese Organizations For Deafblind People.


Deafblind Information Network Japan.

DB-IN Japan is the countrywide network between persons who are deafblind, their families, teachers, professionals and other supporters. They now try to share domestic/international  information about Deafblindness through there home page.

I do not have a posting Address for the Deafblind Information Network Japan but hope to get one soon.

Japan Deaf-Blind Association.

The Deaf-Blind Association of Japan was established in 1991 to provide the activities and service for deaf-blind people throughout the nation. The Association entrusted by the Japanese Government has 6 staff (3 full-timers) and runs such activities with the help of Government grants, trusts, and other endowments as follows:

Association of the Persons with Deaf-Blind in Ehime.

Shizuoka Association for the Persons with Deaf and Blind.
  Their isn't much of a description about the sites above, this is because the Japanese Deafblind organizations above do not have any English translations on their pages.
A-Z to Deafblindness http://www.deafblind.com