Korea Organization For Deafblind People.

Pyoung-yang School for the Deaf & Blind division for the Deaf is the beginning of School for the Deaf in Korea.

1894, Many European Style Buildings where built near Tae-chal-li outside of Pyong-yang West gate.. One of them was a Christian hospital this was the beginning in Korea. 1909, R. S. Hall stayed in China Zhe-xu during a wedding visit. She also oversaw School for the Deaf in Zhe-xu, it was operated by Missionary, and interested in Deaf education, She returned after and sent Lee Ik-min.

It was changed from Pyong-yang School for the Blind to Pyong-yang School for Deaf and Blind and established a Division for the Deaf. U. S. North Presbyterian Missionary Rosetta S. hall established a School for the Blind This was the begining of Special Education. in Korea.

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